GES -Texma specializes in lubricants and provides unique solutions suitable for the most stringent demands such as: loads, extreme environmental conditions, fluctuating temperatures, fluctuating speeds and more. The company has been importing and supplying products from the world’s leading manufacturers for over 60 years. Our main specialties and expertise is in the fields of aviation, transportation (trains and ports), military and security applications, electricity and electronics, food and pharmaceutical industries and others. We supply a huge range of products for industry including: oils, lubricating greased, pastes and anti-friction coatings.

Our lubrication team has a great deal of engineering and technological experience accumulated over many years in this field. They provide consultation services and work in close cooperation with our clients and manufacturers to find the very best and most efficient solutions for the individual needs of every client.

MOLYKOTE® Industrial & Specialty Lubricants | Official Site MOLYKOTE was founded in Germany. It was later acquired by DOW and is considered to a premium brand that has, for the past 70 years, been providing specialized lubrication solutions for all areas of industry. The company’s lubrication products are suitable for use with metals, plastics, rubber and more. MOLYKOTE Products
Fuchs Oil | Abdul Rahman Albisher & Zaid Alkazemi Co. FUCHS was established in Germany, in 1931 and is today ranked as the world’s leading independent company in the lubrication sector that does not hve his own refinery for the production of finished products. The company has a wide range of comprehensive solutions including: industrial oils, lubrication pastes, cooling liquids (emulsions), protective oils, white oils and more. Fuchs Products

A subsidiary of Fuchs Lubritech and specializes in unique lubrication solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries including all required standards and kashrut.

CASSIDA Products
Anderol® Specialty Lubricants (@AnderolBV) | Twitter

offers a range of specialized lubrication solutions with OEM manufacturers approval primarily for the food industry, compressors, pumps, and vacuum.

ANDEROL Products
A leading French lubricant manufacturer in the fields of civil and military aviation. The company’s products meet mil-spec, aviation (Boeing, Airbus) and other specifications. Nyco Products


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