GES is the leading Israeli manufacturer of water treatment chemicals for industrial and municipal. The company supplies products and services to a wide range of industries and institutions in Israel: oil refineries, manufacturers of fertilizers, glass, electronics, plastics, food, steel production and more. The division has extensive knowledge and experience in many fields including:

  • Water treatments to prevent precipitation and corrosion and prevent the development of biological mass in open refrigeration systems.
  • Water treatments to prevent precipitation and corrosion and prevent the development of biological mass in closed refrigeration/heating systems.
  • Water treatments for steam systems and energy centers – use of specialized additives allows for the continuous operation of boilers with high energy efficiency levels whilst supplying pure, pollutant free steam and electrical energy reliably and continuously.
  • Water treatment using reverse osmosis systems.
  • Improved chemicals and petrochemical processes – unique chemicals are used to improve chemical and petrochemical processes such as sedimentary and corrosion engines, foaming engines, coagulants and flocculants.

Our Advantages:

  • Many years of accumulated knowledge and experience in the field of water treatments.
  • Reduction in water usage and energy by adapting the treatment program for high efficiency when dealing with high salinity levels.
  • Frequent and comprehensive monitoring and tracking of water systems – measuring general bacteria levels, examining, monitoring and analyzing results received from water analysis parameters, use of indexes to forecast system tendencies for sedimentation/corrosion.
  • Professional and close monitoring by our technicians and engineers. On-line consultations and follow-ups.
  • Operation of control and dosage systems by experienced and highly professional teams under one roof and with high availability.
  • To facilitate water control processes we use equipment and systems from leading international manufacturers and suppliers: WALCHEM, Dr. A. Kuntze, ABB.

GES has decided to add Kurita who lead the field of water treatment companies in the world. Kurita is a Japanese company and a technological leader with vast knowledge in the field of water treatment chemicals. The company offers its services in over 100 countries. 

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